53864 Santa Fe Undercover Lite,
Turquoise & Black Standard

Model: 53864
Finish: 2-Tone:Turquoise & Black
Frame: 7075 Aluminum
Grip: Standard
Barrel length: 2"
Capacity: 5-shot
Caliber: .38 Special +P
Hammer: Standard
Weight: 12 oz.
Sugg Retail: $416

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Listen to what experts say distinguishes a Charter Firearm!

The responsibility of personal protection doesn’t have to weigh you down. Whether your work dictates that you carry lethal force or you carry a revolver for peace of mind—the Santa Fe provides impressive stopping power while weighing a mere 12 oz.

Constructed of tough aircraft-grade aluminum and steel, the Undercover Lite offers rugged reliability and comfort. This ultra-lightweight 5-shot .38 Special features a 2” barrel, fixed sights and traditional spurred hammer.

For more information on the anatomy of a Charter revolver, click here.


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