72340 Target Pathfinder .22 Mag, 4"

Model: 72340
Finish: Stainless
Frame: Stainless steel
Grip: Full
Barrel length: 4 "
Capacity: 6-shot
Caliber: .22 Mag
Hammer: Standard
Weight: 20 oz.
Sugg Retail: $405

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Listen to what experts say distinguishes a Charter Firearm!

Charter’s Target Pathfinder is a great introductory revolver for the novice shooter.

It has the look, feel and weight of a higher-caliber revolver, allowing you to gain proficiency while using relatively inexpensive .22 ammo. 

Part of the fun of shooting is doing it well, and proficiency requires practice. That’s why Charter makes target configurations, with 4” barrels and precision sights.

For more information on the anatomy of a Charter revolver, click here.


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