24424 Gunblaster 44

Model: 24424
Finish: Black & Grey "tigerstripe"
Frame: Stainless steel
Grip: Full
Barrel length: 2.5"
Capacity: 5-shot
Caliber: .44 Special
Hammer: Standard
Weight: 19.5 oz.
Sugg Retail: $477

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Listen to what experts say distinguishes a Charter Firearm!

The Gunblaster 44 Special is the result of a collaborative effort between Charter Firearms and Gunblast.com. This limited edition handgun celebrates Gunblast.com's 10th anniversary and recognizes their reputation as the largest online gun test publication.

The Gunblaster 44 has a black and gray "tigerstripe" finish on the frame and barrel with a matte black finish on the cylinder and a "Gunblaster 44 Special" roll mark.

This versatile revolver for personal or home protection has a barrel length of 2.5” and is one of the larger revolvers to qualify for concealed carry. If you are looking for a safe, reliable revolver powerful enough for serious home protection, but with the size and functionality for effective concealed carry, the Gunblaster 44 Special is an outstanding double-duty choice for the job.

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