Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I buy Charter firearms?

Any local gun shop can get Charter Arms for you. This easy process only takes about a week. See dealer location. Please have your dealer contact us directly if they have difficulty locating our products. For questions regarding Charter firearms ordering, models available, and dealer locations, contact:

  Charter Arms Sales & Marketing
  Phone: (203) 922-1652
  Fax: (203) 922-1469
Q. Can I shoot +P in my .38 revolver?

Charter .38's are among the smallest revolvers in this caliber. Yes they can handle +P but we do not recommend it for the following reasons:

+P ammo requires a four-inch minimum barrel to burn the extra powder. Therefore, in a two-inch barrel the extra powder is burned after the bullet leaves the barrel creating more recoil and making it harder to come back to target.

We recommend a standard velocity load and practice with round nose lead rounds which are the least expensive. When you load for protection, use a jacketed or hollow point in the same grain you practice with.

Q. Can I send my gun in for repair or do I have to visit a retail firearm store?

Due to variations and restrictions in state and local regulations, we recommend shipping your revolver through your local gun dealer. This is the easiest and most secure way to return your gun for repairs. For your convenience, we've created a form you can use to describe the nature of your repair need. Simply fill in the form, print it and include it with the firearm sent to Charter Arms for repair. Should you choose to ship your firearm yourself, please abide by the following instructions.

Be certain the firearm is unloaded
Include typed or neatly written explanation of the problem(s) or repair(s) to be made.
Include your name, full address and a daytime phone number.
Pack with adequate padding/filler and tape generously to avoid damage.
Address the package discreetly (i.e. do not disclose the contents on the outside of the package).
Insure and ship via UPS or Fed Ex.


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